About Adora

At Adora, we’ve always believed that improving your home can improve the way you and your family live. Whether that means spending more time together in your family room, entertaining friends in your kitchen, or getting more done in your home office, you deserve the home you’ve been dreaming of. We’re proud that our innovative designs, quality products, customized finishes and exceptional service can help you transform those dreams into reality.

We are passionate about designing, building and installing cabinetry and storage solutions because we know what we do is about more than home renovations. It’s about transforming homes and improving the lives of the people who live there. We also know that when people love their homes, they want to stay where they are and put down roots that strengthen the entire community.

“We want to help our customers create rooms that are welcoming and comfortable – a place where family and friends come together and great memories are made.”

Dirk De Vries President
Adora Kitchen and Cabinetry

The best choices for you

Mention cabinetry, and most people automatically think of kitchens. After all, that’s where cabinets take centre stage and where customized storage solutions can have a big impact. But your home is so much more than your kitchen. That’s why Adora puts our expertise to work to make any room in your home more beautiful and functional. We begin every project by having our staff sit down and ask you about your home and how your family lives in it. What do you like to do? Do you like to entertain? Where do you spend the most time? And what would make your home more comfortable and inviting? Then we get to work helping you envision what’s possible.

We walk you through our up-to-date showroom to show you different layouts, finishes and accessories. We help you maximize your space and minimize clutter. We offer advice and suggestions on how to make your home more beautiful on any budget. And because our staff never work on commission, their focus is on helping you find cabinetry and storage solutions that fit your life and your budget.

Let’s get to work

Once you’ve made your choices, we’ll work closely with you to ensure the installation of your cabinetry and storage solutions is done professionally and efficiently. Our commitment to service means we respond quickly to your questions, track your projects closely and schedule work to fit your needs. It also means we never stop working to improve what we do and how we do it.

When you work with Adora you get innovative solutions that enhance how you and your family live, work and play at home. Solutions that will look fabulous and work great for many years to come. And we get to build lasting relationships with clients who know we’ll always do our best for them.

The best place to work

Adora has always taken pride in being an employer of choice for our more than 40 employees. We are committed to creating a safe, comfortable, rewarding work experience for the people who help us meet and exceed client expectations. That’s why we communicate regularly and openly with staff about our goals and processes, and encourage them to share their ideas and suggestions.

Safety is our top priority, and we adhere to the highest industry safety standards to make sure our employees go home safely at the end of the day. We reward people for hard work, encourage their professional growth and recognize exceptional effort. And we never ask our sales or design professionals to work on commission. We’re proud to say that this approach has helped us build an exceptionally loyal team, with minimal turnover and a large number of staff who have been with us for 10 or more years.

“Adora is blessed to have an incredible team working with us. From exceptional sales and design professionals, through to an expert manufacturing department, and skilled onsite measurers and installation craftsmen, our success is the result of the dedication and professionalism our people bring to every project in every home.”

Dirk De Vries
President, Adora Kitchens and Cabinetry.

The best for our community

Adora is committed to giving back to the communities we call home, and looks for ways to support organizations that improve the quality of life for all citizens. We’re proud supporters of a number of charitable groups and organizations such as the Coaldale and Lethbridge food banks, local 4H clubs and Habitat for Humanity. We also lend our support to the Town of Coaldale beautification projects, including the colourful downtown murals and the vibrant trees and flowers planted along Mainstreet.

Our goal of giving our best back to our communities means that we support a variety of educational projects and initiatives, including many Christian schools and organizations. It also means we encourage our staff members to lend their time and energy to the community activities that matter most to them.

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