Simply beautiful

Adora Kitchens and Cabinetry’s design expertise helps you create beautiful, functional storage solutions that capture your personal style. We’ll show you how the right finishes, accessories and details can create a home that’s warmer, more inviting and more beautiful than you ever imagined. For us, “custom” means creating cabinet and storage solutions that are as unique as our customers. And that means your home will reflect what matters most to you and your family while respecting your budget.

For every room

Everything we do is guided by our belief that our customers deserve the best in every room of their home, and by the understanding that every home is as unique as its owners. Whether you’re planning a new bathroom or considering a Murphy bed that will let your den double as a guest room, we’ll work with you to explore your home’s potential and create rooms that fit your needs.

Get more out of every space

We’ll show you how to get more from every room with innovative cabinetry and storage solutions that maximize space, improve organization and increase functionality in even the smallest room. Our design experts will help you create a place for everything, reducing clutter and streamlining daily routines.